Companies are outgrowing their finance and accounting infrastructure. Once you reach a critical size, no longer is “DIY” or hiring a part-time bookkeeper sufficient to support the decision-making demands and reporting requirements of mature companies.

Our solution is a complete accounting department in a box.

This is a fit for organizations that are willing to adapt to our systems and processes. We believe that we have compiled a set of processes paired with the best-in-class technology stack that is built for the future. Our expertise and efficiency rely on our team using a consistent set of tools across our client base to deliver the promised services at the agreed upon timing and pricing. We stress-test our technology selections regularly and make adjustments when necessary, at our expense.

What is all included?

NKW’s solution covers bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, controller, and fractional CFO services. A non-exhaustive list:

  • Payroll processing
  • Vendor bill payment
  • Annual vendor form 1099s
  • Corporate charge cards
  • Employee reimbursements
  • Weekly/bi-weekly management reports
  • Payroll tax payments & filing
  • All software utilized
  • Regular strategy meetings
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Month-end close
  • Fixed asset tracking
  • Budgets and forecasting
  • Monthly financial statement package
  • Quarterly tax estimates

Your financial data should be the basis of decision making. Our standard services include budget building, flux or variance analysis, unit economics, key performance indicators (KPI), and objective & key results (OKR).

With a solid basis of accounting and financial data, our expertise can be applied to assist executives in running a more effective business. You are the expert at what you do. Let us worry about compliance, risks, and opportunities in the finance organization.

What is excluded?

Revenue cycles, including cash handling, are typically managed by our clients on systems of their choosing. We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure a seamless flow of information to the accounting system. This means that you will continue to be responsible for your point-of-sale, CRM, web shopping cart, donor management, or other billing systems. We will require read-only access to the reporting of these systems to properly reconcile them against deposits (and notify you of any discrepancies). For companies that require simple invoice-based revenue recognition or invoice based on time & material inputs, we can facilitate this within the parameters of our offering.

Annual income tax filing for the business or owners is currently not included (although it may be soon). You can continue working with your current income tax preparer or we can recommend a new one. We will provide all reporting that your preparer will need.

Transactions not initiated in accordance with NKW’s prescribed procedures are not included. For example, our standard procedure is to pay bills sent to your dedicated email inbox. Bills not sent to that dedicated inbox may not be processed.


Our clients may span several different industries. We also work with serial entrepreneurs, development corporations, and micro private equity that have ownership or management interest in one or more companies.

  • Professional Services
  • Content Creators
  • Convenience Stores
  • Restaurants, Bars, Taverns, and Casinos
  • Cannabis
  • Retailers
  • Hotels and Lodging
  • Breweries and Distilleries
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Brokerages (insurance, real estate, etc.)
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Direct to Consumer Brands
  • Franchises
  • Cryptocurrency/Web3
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Event Promoters

Unfortunately, we are not yet a fit for some industries. This includes: construction contractors, agriculture, trucking & transportation, and most manufacturing.

Pricing & Terms

NKW’s all-inclusive pricing is based primarily on your company’s revenue. Our pricing model is designed to be up to 2.20% of revenues for companies earning $1.5m annually that require our highest level of services, and as low as 0.70% of revenues for companies earning $30m annually that require our lowest level of services. Companies earning less than $1.5m annually may be a fit for our micro-offering that starts at $750 per month.

Our services require a retainer equal to one month of services to begin work. The retainer will be applied to final billing (and any excess returned). Monthly fees are automatically paid on the first of each month. Since our fees are based primarily on revenue, they may be adjusted in increments of $100 based on your trailing 12 months of revenue. We also collect and compare other data points to ensure that our pricing is fair. We will alert you to any other factors specific to your organization which require us to use nonstandard pricing.

If your organization’s accounting is not current as of the date we take over, additional charges will apply.

NKW wants to earn your business each and every month. We offer no minimum contract commitments or termination penalties. If you do choose to terminate, we recommend subscribing to one additional month after the end of live transaction processing to ensure that data is accessible for the transition period.

Next steps

  1. Schedule an initial consultation
  2. Sign an engagement letter
  3. Pay the retainer fee
  4. Schedule kick-off call