Striking a balance between our capabilities and your needs

Not every organization is a fit for the model we have here at NKW. We created this guide to help you determine if we might be good fit. Do any of these sound like you?

You have outgrown your finance & administrative infrastructure


You lack visibility into unit economics


You are too big for owner-only controls


  • CEOs, investors (potential or current), and other financial statement users receive:
    • Outdated (>30 days old) information
    • Inconsistent (coding changes frequently, no defined processes)
    • Incomplete (missing accruals, missing items only picked up at year end)
    • Inaccurate (unreconciled accounts)
    • Unusable (could be wrong basis of accounting)
    • Not helpful (not enough detail, groupings or captions that don’t make sense)
  • CEOs do not have the expertise to manage a clerk-level position (i.e. a bookkeeper)
    • Unable to determine what is too much work or too little work, which could result in wasted resources
    • Unfamiliar with best practices and if they are being executed on
    • Lacks the experience to design and implement internal controls that are appropriate for their specific organization
    • Unfamiliar with accrual accounting, the requirements of GAAP, or how that reconciles to tax-based accounting
    • May be over-reliant on a single individual, which increases the risk of fraud or the possibility that turnover impacts operations

Are your operations high-risk?

The team at NKW has purposely dedicated.