Restauranteurs have enough on their plate keeping up in today’s fast-paced environment. Franchised or non-franchised brands partner with our firm to gain a competitive advantage to stay ahead.

Services for Restaurants

  • Non-standard accounting periods (i.e. fiscal weeks, 52-53, 4-4-5, other custom periods).
  • Weekly profit & loss statements that breakdown food, labor, other direct variable costs, and fixed charges.
  • We understand tips! Complex allocations, reporting, and claiming of tax credits owed to you.
  • Payroll processing available weekly.
  • Systems optimized for multi-location restaurants.
  • Daily reporting from any point-of-sale broken up by location, meal types, or other custom data points.
  • Food cost breakdown to custom categories with item-by-item mapping.
  • Complete bookkeeping, month-end accounting, and fractional CFO services.

Know your numbers on a week-by-week basis, allowing you to make menu adjustments, identify food waste, and grow your restaurant empire. Our best customers continue to open new locations and rely on our scalable model to fit two stores or tens of stores.


  1. Let us learn about you and the goals for your business. Do you plan to expand? Are you looking for an exit someday? Knowing your goals helps us build a strategy to get there.
  2. Optimize. We stitch together a custom solution to bring your point-of-sale, labor, and food costs into a single view so that you can keep an easy pulse on operations. Share this view with managers, co-owners, or investors!
  3. Get to work. We meet with you at least monthly to review financial data and progress towards your business goals.