The emergence of legal cannabis has been boon to local economies. Along with it, an uncertain regulatory framework has increased the risks of operating in an already risky business. You focus on cultivating great products and customer relationships, let us handle the paperwork.

Services for the Cannabis Industry

  • Full 280(e) compliance. Paying the highest effective tax rates of any industry means you need experts that know the laws.
  • Management reporting to help you an efficient grow, extraction, manufacturing, and/or retail operation.
  • Budget and forecast to plan for growth, maximize your profit, and minimize your tax.
  • Modern technology platforms. No more paper!
  • Cost accounting in compliance with Section 471, the only inventory and cost of goods sold methodology allowed in the legal cannabis industry.
  • Clean and accurate financials that are always audit ready. Be prepared for when state regulators and IRS auditors come knocking.
  • Complete bookkeeping, month-end accounting, and fractional CFO services.

Sleep easier knowing that the professionals at NKW have your back. We are former auditors that work for you. We know what the regulators and IRS agents will be looking for, and we help you compile it on a continuous basis so you’re always prepare. We stand behind all of our work with a 100% audit guarantee, no extra charge to you.

How does it work?

  1. Let us learn about you and the goals for your business. Do you plan to expand? Are you looking for an exit someday? Knowing your goals helps us build a strategy to get there.
  2. Optimize. We review your processes and systems. These need to be dialed in to produce the reporting needed to compile full GAAP financial statements, 280(e) compliant tax returns, and useful management reporting.
  3. Get to work. We meet with you at least monthly to review financial data and progress towards your business goals.